Can I select specific addresses for my mailing?

With EDDM® you must deliver to every address on the carrier routes you select.  While you can exclude business address and PO boxes, you must deliver to all residential addresses.

What is a carrier route?

A carrier route is a code the USPS® uses to designate a group of addresses within a defined area.

How do I find the appropriate carrier routes for my mailing?

The USPS® route search is a mapping tool that allows you to select the carrier route for your delivery area.  The tool will show you the number of addresses on each of the routes you select.

Is postage included in the pricing on your website?

Yes.  The full service pricing listed on our site includes postage.

Do you provide design services?

Yes.  Design price varies based on the complexity of the design. Our design services start at $200 (includes both front and back of a postcard). Larger format, folded pieces will incur higher design costs.


Can I target just residential addresses?

Yes.  You can exclude business addresses and PO boxes.

Can I target an area around my business address?

Yes.  Enter your address in the mapping tool and click on the radius drop down button and select a radius of 0.25 to 5 miles.

Do you provide print only services?

If you would like to bundle and mail your pieces yourself we do provide print only services.  Please contact us for a quote.